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Stay tuned – Pencil Heads is on Maternity leave…

I hope all of you young writers out there are having a great 2013 so far! Due to the fact that Andrea is on maternity leave (and working on both an animated film and tv pilot), workshops and tutoring will … Continue reading

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Join Script Frenzy!

FADE-IN: 14 DAYS FROM TODAY INT. YOUR ROOM – AFTERNOON A young writer (you) sits down at the computer to begin writing a brilliant, hilarious, fun, slightly (but not too frightening) scary screenplay with several heartbreaking (but not too sappy) … Continue reading

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Extra! Extra! Pencil Heads Offers Fun New Writing Prompt!

Here’s a fun writing exercise for you to do at home (inspired by the Pencil Heads featured in yesterday’s New York Post).

1. Grab that old newspaper out of the recycling bin and comb through it for strange and wacky headlines. Continue reading

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Pencil Heads in the Lunchroom

Check out school lunch reviews by Pencil Heads, featured in today’s New York Post to mark National School Lunch Week. These are writers with a strong and definite voice. The editor of the Post told me that Pencil Heads “write better than many of our freelancers.” (Their reviews also make me grateful for the fact that I don’t have to l’il smokies in my school cafeteria anymore.)

Congratulations to Ruby, Savannah, and Malik on your first published piece! Continue reading

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Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Andrea, one of the founders of Pencil Heads Creative Writing Workshops for Kids. I created Pencil Heads classes because I love to write — and because I feel that I didn’t get to do enough creative writing when I … Continue reading

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