Dog Writes Book!


Who knew dogs could write? The publishing community is celebrating the first book ever written entirely by a dog. The author is Zuzu, a 2 year-old Collie mix, pictured in her author headshot above. The book, entitled “Diary of a Dog” has recently been published by Doggone Press and is certain to hit bestseller lists soon.

Apparently, the project began when Zuzu’s owner, Andrea Scully, found a note on her kitchen floor. “The handwriting was terrible,” she said. “But the message was clear: Buy me more bones. After that, I began finding notes everywhere.” The notes became longer and longer as Zuzu got the hang of holding a marker in her paws. Other notes recounted what really happened when Zuzu got into a squabble at the dog park, why she ate Andrea’s new running shoes, and why the doorbell makes her go completely bananas. She also asked Andrea to get rid of the vacuum for good.

Zuzu’s owner compiled all of the notes into “Diary of a Dog,” which was released last month. Some book reviewers have said the book’s pace is slow, especially when Zuzu recounts the details of her days (slept, ate, chewed bone) over and over again, but the climax of her trip to the vet left many biting their fingernails. Perhaps the sequel will be even better?


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